Tips for Selling Your Home

We have the expertise and resources you need to help you sell your home quickly and successfully.

It all begins long before you open your property to showings. You need to see your property like a prospective buyer. To do that you need to look at both the inside and outside of your home with a fresh perspective. Before you put your property for sale and have your first viewing, check out the following tips. Here we offer simple steps to help you set the stage for a property that shows great to potential buyers such as:

  • Let go of clutter
  • Quick property fixes and TLC
  • Atmosphere
  • Property Curb Appeal
  • Home Staging Tips
  • Inside: Leave No Trace

Clean everything! Check for cobwebs on ceilings, dust on baseboards – everything.
De-clutter. Then de-clutter again. Rent a storage locker if you need to. This is very important for increasing your home’s appeal.

  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls.
  • Remove family photos and excessive wall decorations.
  • Remove personal items, such as DVD collections and trophies.
  • Replace worn carpets, and shampoo carpets that are dirty but still in good shape.
  • Polish wood floors.
  • Add fresh flowers or plants, but don’t overdo it.
  • Maximize your home’s natural light by opening blinds and shades.
  • Do a smell check and address any odors.
  • Pet owners: Take Fido or Fluffy with you while your home is being shown.

Outside: The Power of Curb Appeal

Clear any clutter and keep lawn decorations to a minimum.

  • Mow your lawn and trim shrubs.
  • Add bushes and/or colorful flowers.
  • Sweep sidewalks, porch and driveway.
  • Remove or update any dated or personalized fixtures.
  • Put all toys away.
  • Fix damaged gutters, shutters, siding or roof shingles.
  • Add a tasteful welcome mat to the front door.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.

Before putting your property for sale, take steps to save time, money and energy in the home selling process. The better your home shows will help you sell your house sooner and possibly for more money than if you did not prepare it for selling! Remember most people want to move into their new home without having to make updates to it. Our home staging tips will give you insight into what potential buyers are looking for when viewing a property for sale.

Also, ask about our RE/MAX “Fit to Sell” homeowners package for expert home staging advice from a design and home-staging expert.

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